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1. Phippsy
2. Dave B
3. Boycie
4. Martin
5. Shawal
6. Chinese Alan
7. Chris
8. Dave M
9. Will
10. Omer
11. Usman

12th man. Ahmed

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As you know we will be bringing the season to an end and enjoying Ahmed’s now famous Curry Night after the game this Saturday.

Unfortunately we do not yet have a volunteer to do the teas for the game.

So far Phippsy, Chris, Dave B. and Dave M. have made teas this season.

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It was a hot summer’s day and the Nazeing CC ground was baking hot in the afternoon sun.  I was hoping to win the toss so that we could stay in the cool shade provided by the trees around the ground.  Munden CC is sitting pretty in the middle of the table and so a win was not crucial, however, we all wanted a positive result as the previous game with Nazeing had been lost to the rain.  I won the toss (hard job keeping this Numero Uno tosser title) and decided to bat.

Nazeing_DSC0228Kamran and Martin opened the batting.  Due to the long boundaries, it seemed ages before Kamran hit a boundary but batting was tough.

Nazeing bowlers were on the mark with just the odd bad ball.  Kamran was trying to be aggressive to push the scoring rate and perished in the process for 10 hard fought runs.

Nazeing_DSC0216I joined Martin and tried to push the scoring rate and went for a risky second run and Martin was run out for 14.  I felt somewhat responsible for the run out although Martin had agreed for the second run.  I played one shot to many and was caught out at deep mid on for 2.

It was now left to Riz and Big Dave (like so many times before) to build the Munden inning and to bring some respectability to the score.

Due to the very hot weather, drinks were taken after 15 overs and I joined Nazeing_DSC0227Martin as the second umpires.  Both Riz and Dave were playing their shots and finding boundaries with ease.

Soon after the second drinks break, Riz went past his 50 and was looking good.  I was standing as the leg umpire with Riz facing the bowler.  The ball was above waist and I duly raised my hand as a signal to Martin that this was a no ball.  Riz had hit this ball in the air and it was eventually caught at deep mid on.

Martin signalled a no ball based on my comment, but the Nazeing players were all up in arms.  Various obscenities were hurled at the two umpires which I guess was somewhat understandable.  However, what was NOT acceptable when one of the NCC player said something nasty to Martin which amounted to a verbal assault.  I feel it is better that I don’t repeat the words in this report.Nazeing_DSC0207

Martin duly informed the Nazeing captain who did try somewhat to calm the proceedings.

Riz was eventually caught for 80 and once again, the umpires were given the verbal treatment.

Dave made a very useful 45 but was caught in the deep for an amazing catch.  Well done that fielder.

Shawal was joined by Phipps at the crease.  There was a mix up in calling and Phipps was run out with a direct throw by the maiden wicketkeeper.

Shawal was trying to push the score past 200 and perished for 22 playing across the line (there is a bit of debate ongoing whether the ball was straight or not).  Boycie was troubled again by his leg muscle and was unable to run around but still managed to add 9 to the overall total.  It was great to see everyone getting to spend some time at the crease and great to see Alan using his golfing shots to great effect.  Chris Jonty Rhodes was not out 4 at the end (I think his average must be well in double figures now).  Munden were 217 for 9 at the end of the allotted 45 overs

Munden Batting:

Kamran 10

Martin 14

Ahmed 2

Riz 80

Dave B 45

Shawal 22

Phipps 0

Boycie 9

Alan 8*

Dave M 2

Chris (Jonty) 4*

An extensive tea was laid out with a selection of sandwiches and beautiful cakes.

Nazeing_DSC0243The Munden players took the field and we started with pace (Dave B) and spin (Kam).  It was not long before Martin showed how quick he is and stumped the number 2 bat with lighting reflexes.

The Nazeing captain and number 3 bat started to build the inning and it was not long before the score board was rattling away.  I replaced Kam with Riz and after 6 overs replaced Dave with Shawal.

Despite all our great effort in the field, we were not able to stem the runs.

I decided to bring myself on in place of Riz and replaced Shawal with Riz. Nazeing_DSC0246 It was now that we were able to take control away from Nazeing and the required run rate was climbing up to 6/over.

In order to push the rate, the No.3 bat played and aggressive shot and was brilliantly caught by Shawal moving to his left at midwicket.  Soon after that, the Nazeing captain was caught behind off a mystery ball bowled by the Munden captain.  The mystery is that even I don’t know what I did but had the right turn and swing to find the edge.  It is the way I throw’em J.

Suddenly we had two new batsmen and the pressure was on.  Munden players could smell a possible upset and worked hard in the field trying to restrict any loose singles.  There was plenty of chatter and encouragement metered out to all.

After completing my 10 overs, I brought Kam back on and Dave took over after Riz to finish off the Munden bowling.  The rate was still around 6/over and as often happens; there was a run out following a brilliant fielding effort by the Hanif brothers.

Nazeing_DSC0236Kam bowled the lady player (I guess you can say that he bowled the maiden over) and Dave B took a wicket with help from Riz taking a running diving catch.  This was doubly impressive as Phipps was also going for the same catch and I could just imagine a collision resulting in failure.

It was now getting quite dark but the game was still balanced at an edge.  When Dave came on to bowl the last over, Nazeing still needed 5 to win.  Due to mis-fielding and some quick singles, suddenly the scores were level with 3 balls to go.  I brought the field in to stop the final run and credit to Dave and the Munden players, we prevented the final run.

Nazeing scored 217 for 8 after the allotted 45 overs.  As we had lost one more wicket, the match was won by Nazeing CC.

Munden Bowling:

Dave B: 10 overs, 3 maiden, 1 for 60

Kamran: 10 overs, 1 maiden, 3 for 55

Riz: 10 overs, 1 maiden, 0 for 39

Shawal: 5 overs, 0 for 26

Ahmed: 10 overs, 3 maiden, 2 for 27

Captain’s Comment:  It was a great game of cricket which was marred by the verbal attack on the Munden umpires.  At this level we do not have neutral umpires and more often than not we are ourselves at the other end of decisions which we feel are unfair.  However, taking out frustration is one thing but to be abusive and carrying out a verbal assault on the umpire is totally unacceptable.

This is not the spirit of the game that Munden plays to.  We all love our game and make every effort to be fair in the game and most of all enjoy in the process.  I understand that winning was important for Nazeing but surely not at any extent.

I was a bit disappointed by Nazeing captain’s muted response to the whole incident.  I deliberately avoided giving any more above waist height no balls to avoid flaring up the situation any more.  But that was picked up by NCC captain as a concern.  Anyway, I think it is best that we move on from here.  Good luck to Nazeing CC for the one remaining game and I hope they are promoted for next year.  We have to focus on our game and make sure that we stick to our Munden principles and play every game supporting each other during the match.  I am really proud of what Munden has achieved this season on the back to two successive promotions.  We just need to start believing more in our capability to win every game and not to let our heads down if things don’t go according to plan.  Looking forward to the next season already – Come on ye old Munden J

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Team for Saturday 22nd August

1. Ahmed
2. Phippsy
3. Boycie
4. Dave B
5. Shawal
6. Martin
7. Chinese Alan
8. Chris
9. Rizwan
10. Kamran
11.  Dave M

Nazeing Common cricket ground

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Saturday was a mixture of sunny and overcast.

We played a game of cricket.

The best team on the day won. Congratulations to High Roding – a nice bunch of guys, we hope the victory secures your future in the division.

_DSC0207Phippsy won the toss and put the visitors in to bat.

Despite Will taking a wicket in his first over, HR batted really well after a slow start and recorded 227 for 8 in the 45 overs. Their number 4 bat, K. Duke was particularly impressive and anchored the innings finishing on 72 not out.


For Munden, Jamie produced a tidy 6 over spell and was unlucky not to have taken a wicket.

He was even more unlucky when he sustained an injury diving to stop a ball that later turned out to be a fractured thumb and displaced AC joint …. ouch!!!! Best wishes for a swift recovery Jamie.

All of the other bowlers worked hard, showed great character and perseverance, and all took wickets.

Munden bowling:

Will: 9 overs, 1 maiden 2 for 44

Dave B: 10 overs, 1 for 30

Jamie: 6 overs for 31

Boycie: 8 overs, 1 for 48

Wahab: 10 overs, 2 for 46

Shawal: 2 overs, 2 for 8

Chef RF produced a scrumptious high quality tea that met with universal approval.

_DSC0331Munden opened with Simon and Martin. We got off to a decent start and had passed 50 when Simon fell to an excellent C&B and made way for Wahab._DSC0328

Martin was next to go when he fell to  a catch by Heywood senior (HR’s captain) bowled by Heywood junior – an impressive father and son dismissal..

Shawal followed Martin to the middle._DSC0411

After a few overs, there was a confident appeal for a caught behind that was not given by the umpire. HR were convinced the ball had hit the bat but to quote an old adage, the umpire can only give it as he sees it. For a while this event cast a shadow over the game, but by the end I hope that all concerned appreciated that both sides played the game in the proper spirit.

John Boyce has asked me to put an apology to his team mates in the report for walking off the pitch at this stage.

_DSC0386Wahab is clearly an accomplished batsman, he just needs one good innings to gain some confidence – don’t worry Wahab, it will come, your performance with the ball was again a major contribution to the game.

Big Dave B was next in the firing line. He had recorded the most economical bowling figures  and now produced the stand out batting performance for Munden. He hit 3 sixes in his 52 runs and put Munden back on track to reach the required target.

He had to attack the bowling and was undone playing a lofted shot that he didn’t quite middle and was caught in the deep, but his knock was a great display of controlled aggression.

_DSC0426Will took over from Dave.

He has been in fine form with the bat for Munden this season. Like others, he was finding it hard to time the ball – this was due to the accurate line and length of the bowling and some inconsistency in bounce off the pitch.

Meanwhile, Shawal was not himself and worked hard for his runs whilst never achieving the fluency that had hallmarked his excellent innings at the away fixture.

He was eventually out for a hard earned 45 to be replaced by Cap’n Phipps – who as can be seen from these photos has taken to mimicking Will’s batting style 🙂_DSC0432

James could see the overs dwindling and the required run rate escalating.

He set about milking maximum runs with Will and enthusiastically scampered the quick singles.

In doing so, he paid the price for going for a risky second run and was run out.

Great effort James, there was no more you could do.

By the time Boycie joined Will in the middle, the game was out of site.

The pair moved the score on to a respectable total of 202 for the loss of 6 wickets.

Munden batting:

Simon 22

Martin 25

Wahab 0

Shawal 45

Dave B 52

Will 20 not out

Phippsy 14

Boycie 2 not out

We can all enjoy Chris’ excellent photos of the game and still taste Chef RF’s delicious lamb kebabs, pakoras and samosas enjoyed at tea.

We missed the positive encouragement from a certain little fella out in the middle.

We have 2 more games left this season, let’s celebrate cricket and finish with a smile on our faces.

And spare a thought for poor old Jamie 🙂





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  1. Phippsy
  2. Dave B.
  3. Boycie
  4. Martin
  5. Will
  6. Shawal
  7. Wahab
  8. Simon
  9. Jamie
  10. C. Allan
  11. Dave M.

Ahmed will be at the game to keep us ‘all on our toes’ and Chef RF returns to provide his special teas 🙂

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On the first day of the football season it was always going to be a scorcher, and so it turned out. We arrived at Roding Valley in strong sunshine and a heatwave to face the league leaders who would be out for revenge. With stalwarts Beardo, Phippsy and Martin unavailable we still had a pretty strong line up. Badger had magnanimously offered to step down in preparation for the Gunners match against the Hammers the next day (was it worth it?).

Ahmed won the toss and obviously decided to bat. He opened with Shawal and Ahsin. Unfortunately, after a brisk start Shawal was bowled with the score on 22, shortly followed by Ahsin just 4 runs later. Things were not looking good. Cue for the Hanif brothers to give us a batting masterclass. Kamran was the more destructive to start with and quickly moved to a half-century. Not to be outdone Rizwan notched his 50 a few overs later. Both looked to be on for big tons but Kamran was 7 short when he attempted another big hit and was caught. The boys had put on 150 runs in quick time.

Enter skipper Ahmed in good form of late. This continued as he found the boundary with gay abandon. Putting on 86 runs with Riz before Riz succumbed and was bowled for 90 with the score on 259 with plenty of overs left. Will joined Ahmed and was soon hitting mighty sixes. Ahmed departed mistiming another pull shot and the Inevitable LBW forthcoming. Will continued to pepper the boundary having been joined by Boycie for a short cameo.

When the overs were completed Munden had scored an impressive 315 against the league leaders. One downside was that it had taken RVCC 4 hours to bowl their overs!!!

Shawal. 4
Ahsin. 11
Kamran. 93
Rizwan. 90
Ahmed. 40
Will. 36 no
Boycie. 6 no

An excellent, albeit late, tea was taken.
We knew that restricting their aggressive batsmen would still be a hard task. Burly opened the bowling on a track which offered hope to both batters and bowlers. And so it proved. Burly had the opener on his way with an away swinger which was edged to competent stand in keeper Boycie (if England are looking for a replacement for their JB keeper we have the solution!). Omar used his pace and swing at the other end.

The batsmen were going at 7 an over and looking good but Burly struck again dismissing the other opener with his slower ball (can they really get any slower!). In his next over Burly bowled his ball of the season which swung out, pitched and seamed to take the number 3’s off peg. RV were 45 for 3! That became 64 for 4 when Omar took his first wicket. Only 8 overs had been bowled and, unfortunately, the Number 4 bat was looking menacing.

Omar had his second wicket caught by Boycie with the score on 84 for 5. We were beginning to dream! Riz replaced Omar and Will took over from Burly. The number 4 bat decided to go for broke and began finding the boundary with regularity. The score was pushed to 190 with him having 120 of them! Kamran was brought into action and kept a tight rein taking 2 wickets.

But with the score past 250 for 7 what can only be interpreted in two ways; either because of the RV skipper not knowing the Laws or deciding to cheat!

I would be generous on this occasion. He called Riz for a backfoot no-ball using the wrong line. Unfortunately that ball would have taken a wicket as Boycie had caught the deflected ball. A little conversation took place to no avail. However, a few balls later there was no doubt as to what occurred.

The ball hit an RV batter on the glove, was superbly caught by Boycie. Big appeals. The batter stood rock still, the same umpire motionless. Even a blind, deaf umpire would have no problem giving it few choice words were said but only one word describes it!

Omar came back in an effort to take the last 3 wickets. He duly obliged leaving RV on 269 for 8. Ahmed shuffled thepack in an effort to stem the tide but it was not to be and RV reached the target with 4 overs to spare. It was 8.40pm!!!

Burly. 8-0-53-3
Omar. 10-0-73-3
Rizwan. 4-0-44-0
Will. 2-0-26-0
Wahab. 3.3-0-37-0
Kamran. 8-0-53-2
Ahmed. 3-0-17-0

The general feeling was that RV had not won in the best manner and the writer will not miss playing them next season.

There were positives from the game, we had batted well, bowled reasonably well, taken some good catches but there will be a bad taste in the mouth. Ahmed summed this up well by saying it was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Bring on the next match so we can all forget this one.

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1. Ahmed
2. Burly
3. Shawal
4. Boycie
5. Jamie
6. Will
7. Riz
8. Kamran
9. Ahsin
10. Omar
11. Wahab


River Playing Field

Bradwell Road

Buckhurst Hill




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Another sunny Saturday at Green End saw Munden field a side strengthened by the return of Riz and Kamran and with new recruit Ahsin making his debut for the club.

The away game against High Beach had been a real nail-biter which was only decided in our favour in the very last over. Today’s encounter was of even greater importance as we had lost 3 of our last 4 games and needed to rebuild confidence and regain our winning momentum in the run-in to the end of the season.

Things kicked off well when Ahmed called correctly and elected to bat.

_DSC0224Shawal and Kamran opened for Munden and got off to a confident start, punishing the bad balls and keeping the score ticking over at above four an over. _DSC0252Before long Shawal hit a straight six back over the bowlers head and was looking to attack the bowling. Unfortunately a few balls later he mistimed the same shot and was caught inside the boundary having scored 20 of the 26 runs on the board.

Ahmed was next in and with renewed confidence following his success with the bat the previous week.

Kamran, followed Shawal’s lead and he too began to play more aggressively. He pulled a powerful six off a full toss and looked to be seeing the ball well, but was undone when a low shot that would normally bring 4 was taken by a good diving catch by the fielder at midwicket. His score of 25 had set a benchmark for his older brother.

Munden were 62 for 2. The run rate was good and we still had plenty of batting to come, so no need for panic.

_DSC0268Riz replaced his little bro Kamran and took over from where he left off.

We are aware of how productive the Hanif’s sibling rivalry can be for the team  🙂

Rizwan’s partnership of 67 with Ahmed was the highest of the game and brought momentum and attack to our scoring. He hit 2 sixes in his 41 runs before being caught and bowled from a leading edge.

Meanwhile Ahmed was batting well, rotating the strike and finding the boundary regularly himself.

The scene was set for Big Dave (BGD) with the score on 129 for 3 with plenty of overs to go and wickets in hand.

Before long, Dave joined the ‘six club’ and was cracking fours in all directions._DSC0283

Although Ahmed had been the anchor for the big hitters, almost unnoticed he had also been building a substantial innings. Still it came as somewhat of a surprise when Chris announced he was approaching his 50.

Ahmed’s fan club gathered in the pavilion and gave a hearty cheer when our captain executed another cultured top edge over the slips to pass his half century with a boundary.

Ahmed teased the fielders with a few more of his ‘special tickles’, before he was caught on 56 having recorded the highest score of the game for the second week running.

New man Ahsin was next to the crease. He looked confident and composed and with Big Dave at the other end only needed to keep rotating the strike. This he achieved comfortably although sadly Dave was caught just 2 runs short of his fifty. Nevertheless, Dave had powered Munden past the 200 mark having scored 30 of his 48 runs with boundaries.

Middle order specialist Phippsy came out to accompany Ahsin, who was himself replaced by Martin when he too was caught having scored 13 in his first innings for Little Munden – a solid debut with the bat, I can see that he has many more runs in him.

Phippsy and Martin saw out the remaining overs.

Munden completed the 45 overs on 230 for 6.

Munden batting:

Shawal 20

Kamran 25

Ahmed 56

Rizwan 41

Dave B 48

Ahsin 13

Phippsy 6 not out

Martin 11 not out

Tea was taken. Note to self …… no one likes peanut butter sandwiches, and you can never buy too many sweets 🙂

The equation was simple: High Beach required 5.2 an over to win the match. Little Munden needed to keep the bowling tight and look to take wickets when chances came their way.

Big Dave and Riz led the bowling attack. Dave struck the first blow in his second over when he found the edge of the bat and Kamran took a fine low catch at slip. HB were 7 for 1.

Ahmed took over from Rizwan after a couple of overs and before long claimed the second wicket to fall thanks to a catch off a top edge by Shawal at Gully.

High Beach were 24 for 2 and falling further behind the rate as every over passed.

Shortly after taking his catch, Shawal was called in to bowl in place of Dave. The No. 1 bat had begun to build a solid innings and so it came as a relief when Shawal hit his middle stump and splayed the wicket in classic style.

This brought M Evans, High Beach’s Australian captain to the crease. He had proved a formidable bowler in their home fixture and was clearly suffering some form of injury as he bowled off a couple of paces this time. This did not stop him finding the middle of the bat though.

High Beach were way behind the rate when Evans came to the crease, but suddenly the target didn’t seem so remote when he hit 24 runs off 2 overs and attacked everything that came his way.

Not the best time to bowl your first overs for the club, but Ahsin came into the attack and showed great character when hit for a mighty 6 by Evans. He just kept his cool and bowled really well in the circumstances.

Ahsin’s perseverance paid off when he claimed his first wicket for Munden trapping the No.4 bat LBW.

Big Dave was brought back into the attack and his extra pace and bounce did the trick as he found the thick top edge on Evan’s bat and was taken by Martin who had to take make up a lot of ground to claim the catch. A very important wicket and perhaps the ‘pivotal’ point of the innings.

Great captaincy by Ahmed. His changes proved very effective as a wicket seemed to follow pretty much every time he swapped the bowling around.

High Beach were 124 for 5 with their best batsmen back in the pavilion.

Ahmed made more changes and again wickets fell. First a clean bowled by Shawal and then one for Rizwan.

At 140 for 7 we sensed our visitors’ resistance was crumbling. When Rizwan claimed a second wicket LBW, it was only natural that Kamran would want to compete with his big bro and so he joined the party when Phippsy took a catch off a mistimed shot.

With one wicket left to fall Ahmed brought Chris on to bowl and then took over from Kamran himself the other end.

We were all willing Chris to take the last wicket but that wiley fox Ahmed produced his infamous doosra and Riz took the catch to bring HB’s innings to an end.

High Beach were all out for 159 in the 44th over.

Munden bowling

Dave B: 8 overs, 2 for 22

Rizwan: 10 overs, 2 maiden, 2 for 20

Ahmed: 4.2 overs, 2 maidens, 2 for 12

Shawal: 10 overs, 1 maiden, 2 for 45

Kamran: 7 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 22

Ahsin: 2 overs, 1 for 20

Chris, 2 overs, 1 maiden, 0 for 4

I think ‘efficient’ is a good term to describe this performance. We had a balanced team that had strength in the right areas.

All of the batsmen got in to double figures – with the exception of the last 2 who were not out – although Phippsy looked to be definitely on his way to a double century.

All of the bowlers were economical and all took wickets – with the exception of Chris who came in right at the end to add some blistering pace to the attack.

Note to Kamran: I’m not trying to wind you up or anything but I’m just mentioning the fact that Riz scored 16 more runs than you and took 1 more wicket – but at least you matched him in catches 🙂

Next week’s game away at Roding Valley is likely to be a stern test. Apparently they scored 338 against Rickling on Saturday and so we will need to build on this performance and be at our very best for that fixture, but we should be confident that with this crop of players we can come away with the result.

Thanks to Chris for doing the book and taking the photos and to Susan and Peter for their assistance with the teas.




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