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Well, here we were back in Epping Forest for the second week running. This timeright in the middleat High Beach. The police helicopters were circling; were they looking for Badger? He had escaped to watch a minor footy match at Wembley. Hence this report is being penned by Justine Butt-Close. Badger couldn’ t have enjoyed himself as much as we did in the forest!

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

We arrived at the very secluded, or should that be hidden, ground. The table was set amongst the rolling hills (the outfield!). Ahmed was, once again, numero dos and we were invited to bat. Shawal persuaded Ahmed to have another go at opening, this time with Martin. The new partnership did not last with Martin falling to a superb catch in the slips for just a single. Wahab joined Shawal, who was playing an uncharacteristically cautious innings. After 8 overs Munden had just 6 runs!

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

Steadily the two took the score to 62 off 20 before Shawal mistimed his pull and was caught at midwicket. Wahab fell just one run later and Munden were struggling again.

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

Riz and Dave B pushed the scoring along at 6 an over until Riz was caught for 36 with score on 131 (31 overs). Phippsy soon followed as dis Boycie. There were signs that the tail might wag a liitle but Munden were bowled out for the first time in over two seasons. The total of 165 (41 overs) was probably 40 short. High Beach’s John Gregory impressed with 5 for 28! Martin. 1 Shawal. 29 Wahab. 22 Riz. 36 Dave B. 37 Phippsy. 1 Boycie. 0 BK. 9 Ahmed. 5 Burly. 8 Jonesy. 0 no Tea was taken and the helisopters were joined by circling buzzards!

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

Munden vs High Beach May 2015

As usual Dave B and Burly opened the bowling, keeping the run rate in check. Dave picked up a couple of early wickets with some devastating quickies. However, with only 3 an over required, wickets were needed and the elder statesmen suggested a change of tactics. The introduction of Riz’s left arm spin brought instant rewards, removing two batsmen who were just getting into the groove. Wahab then cleaned up the dangerous Taylor for 45. This brought Gregory into bat and we saw he was as good a bat as a bowler! Partnered by Islam, they inched their way to the target. With just 20 needed from 6 overs, enter the skipper. Ahmed immediately bowled Islam off his legs then removed the number 8. The number 9 was run-out going for a suicidal two to Dave B’s arm (always a mistake). Shawal backed up his skipper with a fine display of control to leave HB needing 8 off the last over. They managed just a single and another off a generous last ball no-ball! Dave B. 10 overs 1 mdn 43 runs 2 wkts Burly. 7-2-15-0 Riz. 10-2-21-2 Wahab. 7-0-34-1 BK 2-0-12-0 Ahmed. 5-1-7-2 Shawal. 4-0-16-0 So Munden had achieved the unlikely and won by 6 runs and their first on the road in a match played in an execellent friendly spirit. We look forward to welcoming our new friends from High Beach later in the season. If all the games are going to be as tight as those so far, us oldies will need medical help!

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Dave B








The address is:

High Beach CC


Mott Street

High Beach,



IG10 4AP

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Dave Padley is trying to arrange a friendly against his works team for next Wednesday. The format would be 20/20 with a start time of 6:0 ….. 6:30 at the latest. The preferred venue would be Munden, Boycie says he can prepare a wicket Burly and Chris would have split loyalties and could play for either side 🙂 Please let us know if you are available by leaving a comment below or texting Ahmed, Phippsy, Burly or Badger. Players available:





Dave B

Dave M (possibly)

Not Available:



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Despite the heavy rain that fell pretty much all day on Thursday, Boycie weaved his magic on Friday morning and prepared a decent track for the forthcoming game. However a heavy unexpected shower on Friday evening softened the surface and as it turned out, played a significant part in the events that were to follow.

Our visitors Thaxted were 2 divisions ahead of Munden last season, but their demotion from Div 3 and our promotion from Div 5 brought us together with only 1 point separating us in the Div 4 table.

Numero Duo, found his mojo, won the toss, elected to bat and is now officially reinstated as Numero Uno. At this point we would have predicted that a score in excess of 200 would be needed to put Munden in the driving seat.

Simon and Shawal opened the batting on a typical spring day at Green End. It was mostly sunny, but there were also frequent overcast spells that coupled with the sporadic breeze assisted the bowlers by making the ball swing unpredictably.

I’m sure Simon won’t want to be reminded, but things didn’t go to plan for him in our first home game as he made an early return to the pavillion. Shawal in contrast had scored a century, carried his bat and played the pivotal innings in that victory. This day, the roles were reversed.

Both batsmen made a cautious start and soon realised that the previous day’s rain had made the pitch slow and runs would be hard earned.

After giving himself time to read the wicket, Shawal played a stylish cut at a ball that was there to be hit. Unfortunately it was just a little too uppish and found a fielder. Munden were 1 down with only 4 runs on the board.

Ahmed is more proactive with his tactics these days and after witnessing a swashbuckling cameo from BK  last time, decided to experiment and promote him up the order in an attempt to boost the scoring early on. The plan looked to be working as BK took on the bowling and  hit 2 powerful fours. Unfortunately he was undone by the late swing of the ball and was adjudged LBW after recording a quickfire 11.

Munden were 25 for 2. Things got worse when Martin mistimed a shot and ballooned the ball to a fielder. 25 for 2 became 27 for 3, and when Big Dave was also caught playing a lofted shot, there were echoes of the previous week’s early order collapse with the score on 44 for 4.

It was obvious that the slow pitch was making the timing of shots difficult and the slow scoring rate was applying added pressure to our batsmen to try to put runs on the board. But Simon was showing all his experience as he anchored the innings and played with patience and concentration. All  we needed was batsmen to support him.

Boom Boom Boycie was next to the middle. Our resident big hitter had knocked the ball out of the ground at Stansted last week and before long was finding the boundary. His time came to an end when he too mistimed a lofted shot and was caught in the covers, but Boycie had shared the biggest partnership of the innings of 48 with Dave and brought us in reach of a batting point on 92 for 5.

Ahmed and then Ricky both did their best to support Simon, but were also both out playing lofted shots as the wicket dominated the batsmen. Dave M  was next to try to tie down an end but when Simon was also caught off a thick top edge having scored a vital 73 runs, the game seemed to be slipping away. James was next in but didn’t trouble the scorer falling to yet another catch and as with last week at Stansted, it was left to Burly and Badger to see out the innings. Although unable to pile on the runs, the pair found the boundary a couple of times and Munden retained its long record of not being bowled out when the innings concluded on 148 for 9.

Munden batting:

Simon 73

Shawal 1

BK 11

Martin 1

Dave B 7

Boycie 18

Ahmed 4

Ricky 8

Dave M 4 not out

James 0

Burly 6 not out

We had been tormented throughout the inning by the delicious aroma wafting across the pitch emanating from the garage inside which Munden chef in chief Arif was conjuring his culinary magic. Once again we were treated to a tea of the highest quality. Arif laid out a range of delicious Pakoras,  burgers to die for and naughty cakes and sweets that temporarily took our minds off the thought that we were very much second favourites to win the game.

Munden’s fielding would need to be to the standard of Arif’s cooking if we were to gain victory in this game.

Since Chris is away (come back Chris, we need you 🙂 ), the record in the book of our bowling performance has a few gaps, so I will give a précis of Munden’s performance in the field ………. bloody marvelous team effort!

To go into slightly more detail: Dave B and Burly were blah blah … you know, excellent, economical blah blah yawn. It was Burly’s turn to take the wickets. The first to fall LBW and the second clean bowled. Shawal took over from Dave and he too carried on from last week with pace and accuracy and took an important wicket clean bowled.

Badger was heard to whisper to a team mate in the field that the conditions would suit Ahmed’s bowling – he’s a cricketing genius that fella 😀

Ahmed must have heard him, because he brought himself on to bowl. A big mistake because his 5 wickets cost him a tenner when he had to conform to tradition and buy us all a drink after the game.

Ahmed has been working hard on his bowling at nets and although it is true that the slow pitch helped, he produced when needed. He took his wickets as follows …. the number 4 bat fell to a fine catch by BK, numbers 5, 6 and 7 were cleaned bowled only scoring 5 runs between them and Ahmed’s 5th wicket came from a stumping courtesy of Martin’s quick hands. This was followed by a superb run out by Burly before Martin brought our visitors innings to an end with his second stumping of the day. Thaxted were all out   for 112.

Munden bowling:

Dave B, 10 overs, 5 maidens 0 for 14

Burly, 10 overs, 4 maidens 2 for 16

Ahmed, 9 overs, 3 maidens, 5 for 20

Shawal, 8 overs, 1 for 38

Boycie, 2.4 overs, 1 for 19

What a great game of cricket. Everyone played their part. We only had one catching opportunity and that was taken with style by BK. Simon gave us the runs to bowl at, and the bowlers obliged with accuracy and economy. Ahmed played a captain’s part taking 5 wickets and the other bowlers all maintained the pressure on the batsmen and took vital wickets at important times. The fielding was top drawer. Our visitors were gracious in defeat and generous in their appreciation of Arif’s excellent tea.

After 3 games, Munden have risen to 3rd in the table above Stansted who lost their unbeaten record. There’s a long way to go, it looks like this season could be another rollercoaster. If we enjoy the games half as much as our encounter with Thaxted, it will be a season to remember.



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We arrived at Stansted on a blustery overcast day with the knowledge that although we had lost, we had performed well against our old adversaries in the same fixture last time and in the hope that we could up our game a notch to secure a second victory of the season.

Kamran had picked up an injury earlier in the week and so Riz brought along Wahab as a worthy replacement.

Numero Uno has been officially demoted to Numero Duo as Ahmed came second in the coin tossing stakes again and our hosts elected to bat.

The game settled into a familiar pattern early on with Burly and Big Dave posing their usual threat whilst keeping the scoring to under 2.5 an over.

The first wicket came from a sharp bit of fielding from Ricky who managed a direct hit with only one stump to aim at to dismiss the No.2 bat.

Wisely Ahmed took Dave off after 6 overs to save him for the final overs and Rizwan partnered Burtly as he saw out his 10 overs with his usual economy. _DSC0027

Like last week, the run rate was under control but we weren’t taking wickets and knew that Stansted would start to attack the bowling soon. Riz wasn’t having much success bowling with the wind and so it was decided to bring on Wahab and get Riz back later in the innings when the conditions would favour him.

_DSC0053Wahab had described himself as medium pace, but his low action pushed the ball through deceptively quickly and his accuracy proved difficult to score against. He conceded the second fewest runs and also clean bowled the No. 3 bat in the process – a great debut for Munden.

_DSC0045Shawal came on generated impressive pace and growing accuracy as he also completed a fine 10 over spell.

Stansted are a well oiled machine and have developed a strategy of play that explains their success. They slowly increased the run rate safe in the knowledge that they had some good batsmen further down the order, but Munden’s fielding was a great improvement on the previous week and we kept the scoring under control.
Dave came on for his second spell and clean bowled the No.1 bat. He was joined by Riz bowling from the other end to see out the rest of the overs.

As Stansted hit out, Munden kept them under pressure and Riz claimed 2 wickets – the first clean bowled and the second caught by Badger. The expected acceleration in scoring at the end of Stansted’s innings never really materialised and we felt quietly confident as we returned to the pavilion having restricted our hosts to 212 for 5.

Munden bowling:

Burly, 10 overs, 2 maidens 0 for 31

Dave B, 10 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 37

Rizwan, 5 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 32

Wahab, 10 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 36

Shawal, 10 overs, 0 for 58

We were treated to a superb tea. Not only was there a range of delicious sandwiches, but pizza, pork pies and fresh cream cakes – and even individually packed sausage and chips for the salad dodgers among us – you can guess who took advantage 🙂

_DSC0078Shawal and Wahab strode to the middle to begin Munden’s reply with an achievable target ahead on what was a superb batting track, so all we needed to do was play sensibly and preserve our wickets. Unfortunately Steve Peachy, Stansted’s mercurial quick bowler hadn’t read the script. Without going into detail for those who suffered in the process, all I can report is that Mr. Peachy produced a devastating spell of fast swing bowling that tore through our opening order taking 4 of the 5 early order wickets to fall.

Apart from Shawal who was adjudged LBW (but would strongly contest the decision 😕 ), Wahab, Ahmed, Rizwan and Phippsy had fallen victim to Peachy and Munden were staring down the barrel on 32 for 5.

We needed a big man, with a cool head and the ability to score heavily when circumstances required. Luckily we had that man, it was the salad dodger who devoured the sausage and chips. _DSC0130
Big Dave B had got us out of trouble several times last season. He accepted the challenge and stared to rebuild the innings ably assisted by Big Bat Boycie. _DSC0106The two shared a partnership of 67 to bring Munden to 99 when Boycie took one swing too many and was bowled.

At this point our scoring rate was about the same as Stansted’s – the difference was that they had only lost 1 wicket and we were 6 down!

Big Dave was in fine form and just needed partners to rotate the strike and give him the batting whenever possible. That service was provided first by Martin and then Ricky. The runs began to flow and slowly we began to believe that just maybe we could pull the game out of the bag._DSC0120 Even when Dave was caught on top score for the day of 83, Ricky upped his scoring and there was still hope. Ricky’s was the last wicket to fall with the score in the 190s and with 2 overs to go it was left to Burly and Dave M to attempt the 19 runs needed to win the game.

Stansted put their fielders on the boundary and their bowlers put the ball on the spot. We managed to get the score over the 200 mark but in the end fell a tantalising 8 runs short of victory on 205 for 9.

Munden batting:

Shawal 12

Wahab 5

Ahmed 3

Rizwan 0

Dave B 83

Phippsy 1

Boycie 34

Martin 9

Ricky 31

Dave M 6 not out

Burly 9 not out

It was hard to feel disappointed after such a great game of cricket ….. but had we lost just one wicket less early on we probably would have won the game. We bowled and fielded well, and we learned some lessons about rotation from last weeks game. In the end, the difference was in that first 7 overs bowled by Peachey. It wasn’t as if our batsmen were dismissed playing risky shots, just that he was on fire and put down some unplayable deliveries. We carried on the form from last season and batted out all 45 overs, it is now 2 years since Munden has been bowled out in the league.

The man of the match award has to go to Big Dave for a magnificent performance with bat, ball and sausage.

Congratulations to Stansted and congratulations to Munden, I doubt many teams will give them a better game at home this season.

We currently lie 4th in the table after 2 games – 1 point ahead of Thaxted our opponents this Saturday, so let’s get a strong team together and keep winning at Fortress  Munden!!

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P                                                            W        L         T         NR       Bat      Bowl   Pen     Total

Stansted II (P)                         2      2       0      0      0       0       0        0        52

Roding Valley II (3)                  2      2       0      0      0        0      0       0        52

Nazeing Common II (5)            2      1       1      0       0       4      5       0        35

Little Munden (P)                     2      1       1      0       0       5       2       0       33

Thaxted (8)                             2     1       1      0       0       2        4       0       32

High Beach (4)                        2     1       1      0       0       3        1       0       30

Rickling Ramblers (R)               2     1       1      0       0       0       2       0       28

High Roding II (6)                      2     1       1      0        0      0       1       0       27

Ardeley Walkern (R)                2      0       2      0       0       5       6       0       11

Theydon Bois II (7)                   2      0       2      0       0       4       6       0       10

Rickling Ramblers (26) 255-6 Beat *Ardeley Walkern (3) 87-All out by 168 runs.

*High Roding II (1) 95-All out Lost to High Beach (26) 96-2 by 8 wkts.

 *Roding Valley II (26) 271-All out Beat Theydon Bois II (6) 113-All out by 158 runs.

*Stansted II (26) 212-5 Beat Little Munden (7) 205-9 by 7 runs.

Nazeing Common II (26) 224-9 Beat *Thaxted (6) 128-All out by 96 runs





Dave B






Dave M

The game is away at Stansted, please arrive by 1 pm

Hargrave Park

Cambridge Road



CM24 8BY

The entrance to the ground is not well marked and easy to miss, it is on the left as you head north out of the village.

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Unfortunately I don’t have the score book and am without internet both at home and at work so this is not a proper match report … more a few ‘feelings’

The weather turned out to be better that the forecasts earlier in the week had predicted. Ahmed’s lucky coin had somehow disappeared from the drawer in the pavillion and his substitute failed to deliver as numero uno came duo in the toss test and Ardeley Walkern elected to bat._DSC0038

Burly and Dave B opened the bowling and reminded us all of the pivotal part they played in last season’s success. Burly was economical, deceptive and accurate whilst Dave was lively and intimidating and equally economical.

Dave claimed the first wicket when Martin took a sharp catch behind the stumps in the 3rd over.

Our bowlers kept the run rate below 2.5 an over and by drinks AW had only made 54 off 22 overs. At this point we may have been forgiven for thinking that life in Division 4 was going to be a breeze……. but we soon realised that was not the case!

_DSC0073Ardeley’s batsmen began to swing the bat and the runs began to flow. Shawal took the 2nd wicket to fall and brought the number 4 batsman to the crease. We found ourselves bowling at a batsman who was probably more destructive than any we had faced in Div 5. Ahmed made bowling changes in an attempt to dislodge the batsman but a combination of dropped catches and his quality saw the run rate escalate dramatically.

Boycie created 2 clear cut chances in his first over and Ahmed and Shawal were also unlucky not to claim more wickets.

Ardeley used up all the overs and finished on 242 for 6 (I think?) . The run rate had gone up from 2.45 an over before drinks to 8.2 for the remainder of the innings. If we’d held onto a couple more catches, we could have restricted the score to under 200.

Munden bowling:

Burly, 10 overs, 5 maidens 0 for 13

Dave B, 10 overs, 3 maidens 1 for 30

Boycie, 9 overs, 1 for 66

Shawal, 7 overs, 2 for 52

Ahmed, 5 overs, 1 for 35

James, 4 overs, 1 for 38

Phippsy provided a splendid tea and suitably fortified, Simon and Shawal walked out to the square to begin Munden’s reply.

It didn’t quite go to plan when Simon glanced a ball off his legs from the left arm bowler who was coing around the wicket and slanting the ball across the batsman. A shot that may have claimed 4 most of the time was snapped up by an excellent catch by the keeper – this is a ploy I imagine has worked many times before for AW.

Simon was replaced by the new ‘early order rock’ Phippsy. Phippsy did all that was required and along with Shawal, steadied the ship and started putting runs on the board. By drinks, Munden were well ahead of AW at the same point, but knew that we too would need to up the rate considerably to overhaul AW’s total.

_DSC0097When Phippsy was out, he was replaced by Martin who carried on in exactly the same vein. Meanwhile Shawal was playing intelligently and somewhat uncharacteristically curbing his natural instincts in order to serve the team. We knew that whilst Shawal was at the crease, the target was attainable.

And so it was. Great supporting cameos from Dave B, Ahmed and Boycie brought us to within 12 runs with 3 overs to go.

Ahmed was replaced by Ricky and Shawal brought the game to a perfect conclusion when he hit the winning runs and also passed  the 100 mark in his maiden Munden innings to win us the game.

Great credit must be given to Shawal. He played a controlled innings and could hardly walk by the end having carried his bat throughout the entire 45 overs. He hit some trademark big sixes but also timed the ball sweetly often despatching the ball to the boundary with the minimum of effort.

Munden batting:

Simon 0

Shawal 107 not out

Phippsy 26

Martin 36

Dave B 27

Boycie 18

Ahmed 11

Ricky 0 not out

This was a better start to our campaign than last season. We made life hard for ourselves in the field by dropping so many catches, but the quality of Burly and Dave’s bowling and Shawal’s batting ably supported by those mentioned gave us a narrow but deserved victory.



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James A


Dave B

Dave M

Please arrive by 1pm for the usual 1:30 start.

Phippsy is doing the teas

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