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The pre-season meeting took place last Thursday (20th March) at the HECC centre immediately following the last of our indoor nets sessions and was attended by: Peter, Bob, Ahmed, Burly, Boycie, Ashley, Phippsy, Will, Dave B. and Dave M.

The topics raised for discussion were:

  • Upcoming HECL meetings – Ahmed will be attending the captain’s meeting  and Dave M. will represent the club at the League Spring Meeting. Any relevant information gleaned at these meetings will be reported on this website in due course.
  • Peter outlined the work that needs to be done on the ground to prepare for the season ahead. It was decided that this should take place on Saturday 5th of April starting at 9 a.m. It is important that as many as possible show up to help out on the day, not only because there is a lot to do but also to demonstrate their commitment to the club.
  • The preseason friendly against Hare Street will be played on Sunday 20th April. We realise this is Easter Sunday, but that didn’t present a problem to any present at the meeting.
  • The President’s Day Committee (Peter, Boycie, Phippsy and Will) decided that it was about time they resumed their Friday piss-ups brainstorming meetings for this year’s event. As this is a highly secret affair only restricted to the chosen few, I cannot inform you when the meetings will take place 😆

After a brief discussion on the prospect of getting a grant for an electricity supply to the pavilion and  a couple of other minor issues, the meeting was called to an end.

There is a new ‘Diary’ tab at the top of the page. I will attempt to keep this updated with all the important dates during the season so that members can see if they will be available well in advance and inform the Captain if they are not able to attend.

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Peter has asked that the traditional preseason meeting be held at the HECC Centre after the last of our indoor nets session on Thursday 20th March.

Items on the agenda will include:

    • Allocation of jobs/work to be done on the ground and pavilion
    • President’s Day
    • Preseason friendly
    • Any other topics you care to raise

To find out more about the HECC Centre, click this link http://www.heccsport.com/home.htm

The adddress is:

Tharbies Farm
Rook End
High Wych
CM21 0LL

The nets start at 6:30 and finish at 8 pm. There is an area of seating that we can commandeer and light refreshments (tea/coffee/cold drinks etc) are available. Everyone is welcome.

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