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You are cordially invited to the Annual Presentation Evening of  Little Munden CC

 on Saturday 6th  October 8pm

To be held at:

The Boot  Pub

Munden Road, Dane End, nr Ware, SG12  0LH

The evening will be hosted by our venerable Chairman and accomplished raconteur Mr. Peter Andrews, seen above celebrating his wedding anniversary alongside his long suffering wife Susan when enjoying a Ruby Murray with the team after the last game of the season …. thanks to Ahmed for the pic 😛

Everyone welcome  – partners, friends, players, spectators – past and  present!!


***Presentation of 2012 season  awards***


Current 2011 holders:
Player of the Year – Ahmed Yasin
Clubman of the Year – Dave Monk
Most Improved Player – Phippsy
Catching Cup – Dickie  Lutner/Bob Andrews
The Pearman Cup for the Champagne Moment – David  Beardsley
Votes are cast for Player and Clubman so please  come along and make your vote count (anyone who cannot attend can email Carol their vote in confidence).
Other awards are reached by committee  decision/stats evidence (stats are available on the  night).

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Important Upcoming dates

Saturday 6th October – Club Presentation Evening


Saturday 3rd November – League Presentation Evening


Monday 12th November – League Annual General Meeting


Wednesday 21st November – Club Annual General Meeting


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Luckily Peter had an assortment of other frozen ice cream based confectionary as backup stock and so the day was saved.

Peripheral to this was the small matter of the last game of the season and the belief that a victory would be necessary to ensure our continued status in Division six.

We had a strong team, reinforced by the addition of Boycie junior who turned out to be less of a ‘chip’ and more of a sizeable ‘chunk’ off the old block in terms of his presence on the pitch.

Ahmed finished the season in winning style by calling the toss correctly and opting to bat.

He and Simon took guard on a perfect day for cricket. Peter, aided by Boycie, had prepared a hard fast track that was going to provide some lively entertainment for the batters.

Epping Foresters opened the bowling with probably the quickest young fast bowler we’ve faced all season at one end contrasted by probably the slowest (and oldest) loopy, teasing, I dare you to hit me, merchant at the other.

The combination of swing, seam and bounce from the quickie and niggling uncertainty from the slow bowler made scoring difficult and after 10 overs we had barely made 20.

Slowly the batsmen worked out the bowlers and the flow of runs increased as Ahmed and Simon both started finding the boundary. With the score on 52, Simon latched onto a half volley but was brilliantly caught low down in the covers and made his way back to the pavillion having scored only 24 – a devastating blow to his average for the season which was in 3 figures and is now reduced to the mere 80’s :lol:.

Simon was replaced by Phippsy, who shortly after was replaced by Ricky, who in no time at all was replaced by Boycie junior.

I’m sure Boycie senior will tell you that he taught Ash all he knows. From the start he looked to take on the bowlers and scored a run off his first ball followed by a stylish four.

At the other end, Ahmed was doing what Ahmed does – scoring off the bad balls, picking out the right fielder to offer a catch to and putting runs on the board. He was eventuially caught off an edge on 34 and made way for Will.

Will’s form with the bat has been good recently and he looked to be continuing in that vein when he timed a beautiful shot that raced away for four. Unfortunately his bat got caught in his pad for the very next delivery and he was clean bowled.

The Boycie father/son partnership all had been awaiting was a delicious prospect. We suspected that family rivalry would manifest itself in a ‘who can hit the biggest 6 competition’.

As it happened, junior won that contest as Marlene cracked a hefty four before he was outdone by a slow ball and returned to the pavillion to be replaced by Hugh.

Hugh always looks good with the bat, and started well but was unfortunately stumped out of his wicket so making way for the birthday boy from whom we expected at least 40!

As it happened, it was apparent that Dave had already scored very nicely 😉 and didn’t need to prove it with the bat so he generously made way for Badger.

Ashe’s innings was the top score for Munden and came to an end 4 short of 50 when he was caught playing expansively. Chris came to the wicket for the last partnership of the innings.

Munden saw out the overs and posted a score of 141 for 9.

Munden batting figures:

Simon 24

Ahmed 34

Phippsy 0

Ricky 0

Ash 46

Will 4

Marlene 4

Hugh 2

Dave P. 0

Badger 9 N.O.

Chris 2 N.O.

Dave P. provided the tea and crumpet(s) and Munden took to the field knowing that early wickets were vital.

Will opened the bowling with Boycie senior. All went according to plan for a while.

Will bowled a feisty and econmical 8 overs and removed one opener while Boycie was teasing the batsmen the other end and also collected a wicket.

Will was replaced by Ash and the family rivalry commenced in the bowling. Ash got the upper hand when he took a wicket in his first over, but the bowling honours eventually went to Marlene when he took a second wicket in his excellent 10 over spell.

At one point Epping were seemingly in trouble with 4 wickets down for barely 40 runs. But they bat deep and the next partnership was to see them through to victory.

Ahmed and Ricky both had a go with the ball, but the total was reached comfortably in the 26th over and EF’s were triumphant.

Munden bowling figures:

Will, 8 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 30

Marlene, 10 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 35

Ash, 5 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 37

Ahmed, 2 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 23

Ricky, 0.5 overs, for 6 runs

It was a good game of cricket, overall EF were the better team on the day and deserved to win.

The second half of our season has been a marked improvement on the first half. If we can hit the ground running at the start of next season and with the new personnel we’ve recruited, we should be battling for promotion rather than fighting relegation next year.

So Munden didn’t get the victory we’d wanted but as it transpired, Little Bardfield did us a favour in beating Thorley and our 8th place in the division was safe.

Thanks to CarolPix and ChrisPix for the photos.

Phippsy is trying to make up a team for an end of season friendly against Hare Street – at the moment we are way short of players so please can everyone let us know by wednesday to give time to make the arrangements.

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Following our chat over the meal last night, Phippsy has sounded out the Hare Street boys regarding an end of season friendly next Saturday. They seem to be up for it so we now need to know how many of the Munden invincibles can play – we may even be able to arrange a BBQ or similar for afterwards?

We will need to see if the idea is OK with Peter as I know the pitch is being hired out to the Wentworth Stanleys some time soon.

Please leave a comment in ‘Availability’ ASAP so we can see if it is a viable prospect.

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No match report yet, but if you look at the final league table to the right you will see that Thorley lost their last game so Munden remain in 8th and that should keep us in division 6 unless there is major restructuring of the leagues – well done everyone 😛

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