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We arrived at Takeley’s ground to be met with the news that Will and Ricky had withdrawn from the team. Luckily Hugh was available as one replacement but after facing the prospect of having to exclude players at selection, Munden unexpectedly took to the field with 10 men ……  crucially missing 2 bowlers who would have surely have bowled the full 10 overs each.

The wicket was dry and cracked and had virtually no grass and would favour the side batting first.

The coin toss was academic as the Takeley captain agreed to let Munden field first as Dicky had to leave at 5:30 and we wanted to have him in the field and could bat him high up the order to allow him to leave early.

Munden got off to a fantastic start. Ahmed and Burly bowled superbly. Their experience showed as they stuck to line and length and restricted Takeley’s openers to less than 2.5 per over. Had that economy continued, a total of less than 150 would have been exepected …… as it was, the rate of scoring accelerated and Takeley made over 300.

There is no criticim of the bowlers that followed. They were asked to step up and fill a gap and did their best in the circumstances. They toiled in the heat, but stuck to their task in the face of some aggresive hitting from the Takeley 1 and 3 batsmen.

The only wicket taken fell to Ahmed who trapped the No.2 opener LBW.

Takely batted out the overs and scored 302

Munden bowling figures:

Burly, 10 overs, 5 maidens, 0 for 16

Ahmed, 10 overs, 2 maidens, 1 for 29

Dave B, 10 overs, 0 maidens 0 for 82

Dickie, 6 overs, 0 maidens , 0 for 67

Chris, 7 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 50

Phippsy, 2 overs, 0 maidens, 0 for 36

After tea Ahmed opened for Munden partnered by Dickie.

What happened next is best  summed up by Chris’ pictures……… (it should be noted that the photographer could not capture his own dismissal which was in a similar manner 😕  )

It has to be said that the pitch had deteriorated and the bounce of the ball was very erratic. Mark fell to a ball that barely got above ankle height and cut in dramatically and several others were undone by the pitch.

Burly top scored with 21, no other batsman made it to double figures.

Munden were all out for 57 in the 29th over.

Munden batting figures:

Ahmed – 5

Dickie – 7

Mark – 0

Hugh – 8

Dave B. – 4

Burly – 21

Phippsy – 1

Dave p. – 0

Dave M. – 4 N. 0.

Chris – 0

It’s hard to take too many positives from the game. If we’d been stronger in the bowling we’d certainly have restricted their score and probably not batted as though the game was already lost. Best not to dwell on this one and resolve to give a better account of ourselves at next weekend’s home fixture against Farnham II’s.

Apologies for the lack of a match report for last week’s game against Potter Street II’s

Here are the points of note from the game:

We were unlucky to meet PSII’s on a day their first team fixture had been cancelled.

They scored 294 for 9, Dave B. took 4 for 49 off 9 overs bowling spin as his knee is still troubling him.

Munden were all out for 219 in reply

Simon top scored with 79, and Dave B. broke the 50 barrier for the second time this season with a swashbuckling 60 that had the visitors worried.  Nadir scored 35 in his first appearance for Munden and deserved more than the 1 wicket from his bowling and Ahmed made 33.

On any other day we would have won the game, it was a very good performance.

….. Oh and I forgot to mention that Dave P. took a magnificent catch behind the stumps 😆

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The team for tomorrow is :

Dave P
Dave M
Dave B

Tom as 12th man

Be there at 1:00 PM



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I’ve just been over to the ground to find Peter raking the outfield , this is a mamoth task so if any of you can turn up early to give a hand it would be much appreciated

The team for the game on the 21st is:

Dave P
Dave M
Dave B

(Hugh 12th man)

Remeber guys to have your availability down by Wednesday night as ideally the team will be picked on Thursday. Failure to do so may result in omission from the team.

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Tomorrow’s game v North Weald has been cancelled due to the pitch being unplayable. Don’t forget to state your availability for next week.

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Thanks to all who took part in the Euro 2012 prediction fund-raiser.  We raised £85 for club funds, which will be most welcome, especially as we have lost games to the weather this season making income lower than expected.

Congratulations to the winner, Glynis Dunn, who receives the princely sum of £40.

Also to both John Jackson and Hayden Maher, who came joint second. Even the tie-break didn’t separate them; so each will receive £15.

A prize of £10 goes to Chris Jones for being the nearest to the total goals scored during the tournament (not including penalties to decide a drawn match). He was only one goal out, although there were several close guesses as well as few who didn’t expect many goals at all!

A £5 prize also goes to Val Wood who was the only person to predict all the correct results of the England and Ireland matches, albeit not always with the correct score. Full final standings and results are available on request – please leave a message by clicking on the comments tab below.

Thanks are also due from all at the club to John Burlison for organising this much needed fund-raiser.

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Unfortunately our first home fixture of the season against Little Bardfield IIs had been rained off and the forecast for this weekend’s away fixture appeared equally gloomy.

As usual, there was the last minute juggling of the teamsheet with the result that Hugh and Jamie both made welcome returns to the side.

Ahmed lost the toss but was happy with the outcome as our hosts elected to bat. It was also agreed to reduce the game to 35 overs  as rain delays seemed a distinct likelihood.

Will and Jamie opened the bowling with pace, accuracy and fire in their bellies. The damp overcast weather and blustery cross wind was helping the ball to swing while the spongy pitch made the ball rear up and stay low in equal measure.

Despite the quality of the bowling, Bardfield made a solid start.

The first wicket of the day fell to Will when his bowling partner Jamie took a good catch at cover.  Jamie’s spell was creating chances from the other end and soon he too was rewarded when the No. 3 bat played on. Jamie also clean bowled his replacement a couple of overs later.

Ahmed came into the attack in place of Jamie and brought on Boycie to replace Will the other end. The fielding was sharp and the two new bowlers immediately caused the batsmen problems – Ahmed with his tempting line and length and Boycie with outrageous swing and movement off the pitch.

Before long both bowlers were successful. Boycie removed their dangerous opener and then the No. 5 bat and should have had a third to his name when his replacement was dropped at point. Luckily for the fielder, the batsmen ended up at the same end in the confusion and Jamie was able to collect the ball and trot up to break the wicket – so no harm done (except to Boycie’s figures 😦  )

By drinks, Munden were seemimngly in control with wickets down and a modest total on the board.

Boycie’s fine spell was followed by a tasty little Dickie cameo. His accuracy is improving and his natural swing was perfect for the conditions and as a result he was rewarded with his second caught and bowled of the season. Ahmed took his second wicket with a plum LBW before Dickie finished their innings when the last bat was caught at point.

Lt. Bardfield were all out in the 33rd over for 102

This was a terrfic fielding performance by Munden with particular credit to the bowlers who all took wickets.

Munden bowling figures:

Will – 5 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 28

Jamie – 8 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 17

Boycie – 8 overs, 1 maiden, 2 for 24

Ahmed – 8 overs, 3 maidens, 2 for 17

Dickie – 3.1 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 9

After tea, Ahmed gathered the players in the dressing room to drive home the message that although we only had a target of 3 an over, batting would not be easy and we needed to concentrate and play sensibly, and if we did that, victory would be ours.

Ahmed and Ricky continued their opening partnership from the previous 3 games and made a steady start under difficult conditions. The swing of the ball was finding the edge though and Ahmed was the first of our batsmen to fall when the faintest of edges went to their excellent keeper who was to record 3 such dismissals in the game.

Dicky was promoted up the order in the hope that his good eye and attacking style would put some quick runs on the board. Unfortunately this was one strategy that didn’t go to plan as Dickie edged his first ball into the grateful hands of the slip fielder and he immediately made way for Boycie.

Sorry Dickie, it’s just such a great pic I had to put it in.

Boycie had benefitted from the swing when bowling and unfortunately was undone by the movement himself when the ball bounced erratically and his edge found a fielder.

From the first ball Jamie made it clear he was going to take on the bowlers in what could have been a very destructive knock.

I shall not go into any detail about what happened next except to say that Jamie was run out in a manner that may have been correct to the letter of the law but was unacceptable in terms of the spirit of the game.

The dismissal was met with complete silence by the fielding side several of whom apologised for the actions of their bowler.

Paradoxically the incident probably had a negative effect on Bardfield’s performance thereafter and only served to galvanise Munden’s resolve.

Will came to the crease with the aftermath of the previous dismissal still smouldering around him.

Last week Will produced an incredible performance with the ball  – but we still lost the game. This week he needed to repeat the feat with the bat and we would seal the victory – but we were still some 60 runs short and slightly behind the required rate.

At the other end, Ricky was at his obdurate best and held the top half of the order together once again before he was finally caught behind on 16.

Hugh replaced Ricky and at the other end, Will began to prove that he is a genuine all rounder. The Hugh/Will partnership put much needed runs on the board. With the win tantalisingly in sight, Hugh edged a catch to the keeper and was duly replaced by a determined Phippsy.

We needed 14 runs for victory with 7 overs to go.

Will continued to bat with assurance and was ably partnered by Phippsy who was successful at getting the singles needed to put Will on strike.

Fittingly Will hit the winning run in the 32nd over and Munden claimed a deserved victory … karma!

Munden batting figures:

Ahmed – 6

Ricky – 16

Dickie – 0

Boycie – 1

Jamie – 6

Will – 43 N.O.

Hugh – 4

Phippsy – 4 N.O.

After the game Ahmed revealed that it was his birthday, he hadn’t wanted to say anything earlier to avoid adding any further pressure to the proceedings.

Many thanks to Little Bardfield. They may have been let down by the judgement of one individual but they are a nice group of cricketers and they conducted themselves very well and were generous in defeat.

It was a victory for Munden, for cricket and for the birthday boy.

Thanks once again to Chrispix for the brilliant photos, others will be on view in the gallery in due course.


Munden have climbed to 8th in the table after the weekend’s results – see the widget to the right hand side of this page for the full table

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Dave P
Dave M
Haris Jim

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Our last trip to the Epping Foresters’ ground was remarkable mainly because we actually managed to play the game at all such were the waterlogged conditons. This game will remain long in the memory for another reason entirely – but more about that later……..

Munden lost the toss and our hosts elected to bat.

Dave B. and Will opened the bowling and generated impressive pace, unfortunately the quick outfield and sloping ground meant that almost any contact from the bat resulted in runs. Consequently their score mounted as the ball flew past our fielders and nestled in the nettles with monotonous regularity.

Ahmed made the changes and brought on Burly to partner him in the bowling attack. The run rate slowed to around 5 an over for a while but chances were few and far between.

Burly captured the first wicket of the day when he tempted their No.1 bat to a cut shot that went straight into the grateful hands of the fielder at point. Shortly after, Burly suffered an injury that meant he had to retire from bowling and bat with a runner later in the day.

The other young opener was looking very comfortably at the crease and was scoring freely – he went on to make 107 before he fell to Ahmed when he was caught by Dave B. (who was mighty relieved as he had dropped him a few balls earlier)

Meanwhile Ricky took a turn with the ball and collected a wicket when he bowled the No.3 bat.

The runs continued to mount after drinks and our hosts reached the 200 mark with comparative ease. It was already going to be a big total, we just needed to hang in there and dare I say it, tighten up a bit in the field.

The next wicket was rather fortunate when there was a mix-up between the batsmen and they found themselves down the same end as Ahmed nonchalantly received the ball from the field and walked up to the wicket to remove the bails at the other.

Will gathered the ball in preparation for the last over with a feeling of resignation. With 288 on the board and very little to be proud of from our performance thus far, it was not possible to think of anything that could lift our spirits…..

……. but where there’s a Will, there’s a way 😛

The only way I can describe what happened is to say it was a bit like groundhog day cricket. Will clean bowled the batsman with his first delivery ….. then repeated the same delivery with his second ball with the same result. He was on a hattrick ….. something I’ve never seen at Munden but am told has been achieved in the past.

Will was not phased and bowled the same delivery again ….. and low and behold the bails went flying. Whilst the Munden fielders were delirious in celebration, even our hosts couldn’t help but smile.

So that’s 3 wickets in 3 balls – “why the hell didn’t he bowl like that at the start of the innings?” was the light hearted murmer from the outfield. …. it is amazing what can be achieved when you actually bowl at the stumps! 🙄

Any way, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, Will produced his stock wicket taking delivery and knocked the bails off again taking 4 in a row. I don’t know if there is a name for this feat – but if anyone has any ideas, (a willtrick?) please post your suggestions in ‘Leave a comment’ below.

Will narrowly missed out on a 5th when the incoming batsman hooked the ball inches over Dave B’s outstretched hands.

Epping Foresterers finished on 290 for 8 and then treated us to a sumptuous spread for tea.

Munden bowling figures:

Dave B. – 10 overs, 1 maiden for 46

Will – 7 overs, 0 maidens, 4 for 42

Burly – 7 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 31

Ahmed – 8 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 52

Boycie – 5 overs, 0 maidens for 31

Ricky – 5 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 41

Bob N. – 3 overs for 21

Ahmed and Ricky opened the batting for Munden facing two pacy young bowlers who knew how to exploit the characteristics of the Forester’s pitch. Where EF’s edges found the gap, ours often found a fielder, and we never looked like achieving the required 6.4 runs per over.

Ahmed was out for 16 when caught behind after the faintest of nicks – another millimeter and it would have sped away for four, but today, our captain’s luck had deserted him.




Ricky improvised and nurdled his way to the top score of 26 and Dave B was just looking to cut loose when he was caught in the deep for 16.

Once again, the remaining batsmen failed to put enough runs on the board to build a respectable total, only adding another 13 to the score.

Munden were all out in the 33rd over for 88.

Munden batting figures:

Ahmed – 16

Ricky – 26

Boycie – 0

Will – 0

Dave B. – 16

Burly – 2

Bob N. – 1

Phippsy – 4

Dave P. – 1

Dave M. – 5 N.O.

Chris – 0

The post mortem in the changing room after the game reached the unanimous verdict that our technique is lacking and that some professional coaching is needed if we want to be able to compete against the better teams …. let’s hope we can make it happen.

The last word must go to Will for that incredible last over. Taking 4 wickets in 4 balls is a magnificent achievement and all the more creditable in the context of the game. Most bowlers will never get a hattrick let alone 4 in a row – he will go down in the annals of Munden history.

Without Will’s moments of brilliance I would have had to dwell on what was a lackluster performance, as it is people will talk of his 4 in 4 long after the game itself has been forgotten …. thanks Will, we’re still waiting for the jug of ale!

Thanks to Chrispix for the photos

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