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Many congratulations to Claire and Mark.

Mark put this comment on at 3:56 on Tuesday afternoon…

Claire gave birth to a baby girl, weighing 6 pound 15 at 14:28, no name as yet. Mother and baby doing well. But, I won’t be available for Saturday!!


First pic of Madaleine Florence Rose, mother and baby doing fine.

She’s got Mark’s hairstyle ….

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With the weather once again more like soggy October than flaming June, Munden welcomed the unbeaten league leaders to Green End.

The team was bouyed by last week’s epic victory and in good spirits, keen to test themselves against the best in the division.

IC II’s elected to bat and Dave B. opened the bowling for Munden. After a few looseners, the scoring was contained to a reasonable level and before long, Munden were rewarded with their first wicket when Dave bowled their number 2 bat.

At the other end Burly was mixing it up nicely and keeping the batsmen guessing but for once was not rewarded with a wicket.

Ahmed and Ricky took over the bowling attack and were both successful.

We had begun to suspect that a brown envelope had changed hands when Ahmed dropped their captain twice, but he proved his allegiance when he got his man, caught in the deep by Phippsy.

Ricky is looking to be an important bowler for Munden and took the wicket of the number 4 bat when he got an inside edge onto the stumps.

At drinks with the score just over 100 and having made inroads into the batting order we felt that the game was certainly not out of our grasp.

We worked hard in the field, and a fine piece of fielding by Burly with a direct hit on the stumps sent the number 5 bat back to the pavillion.

The run rate was slowly increasing and so Ahmed brought out the secret weapon – it was Tricky Dicky time.

Dicky bowled as only he can. I suspect he would be less effective if he could choose which of his colourful range of deliveries he was going produce next. There was an uncharacteristic lapse in concentration when he bowled a maiden over, but it didn’t put him off his stride. As it was, his effervescent personality and cavalier disregard for bowling convention was rewarded when he took the 6th wicket. He would have had 2 had it not been for a  slip in the field. .

John Boyce came on from the other end opened his bowling and catching account for Munden in the same delivery when the batsman tried to hit it back over his head but failed to connect cleanly.

IC II’s showed their class as they remained calm and pushed the total to 202 in the allotted overs.

Munden’s bowling figures:

Dave B – 10 overs, 2 maidens, 1 for 43

Burly – 9 overs for 53

Ahmed – 9 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 32

Ricky – 10 overs, 0 maidens, 1 for 46

Dickie – 5 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 21

John Boyce – 2 overs, 0 maidens 1 for 6

Ahmed and Ricky opened the batting after tea.

Before the game had started, Martin, the charming IC II’s captain, had observed that the bowling had been their strength this season and we soon realised he wasn’t kidding. They opened with pace at one end and a left arm spinner who got plenty out of the pitch from the other.

Scoring wasn’t easy….. staying in wasn’t easy.

Our batsmen tried to play sensibly and build some sort of a total. It became apparent that we could not achieve the required 4.5 per over, but we stuck to our task, ground out a total of 71 and used up all 45 overs – a feat not matched by many against IC 11’s this season.

Ahmed is becoming pretty boring top scoring every innings (with 16 on this occasion) – I probably shan’t bother to mention it in the future 😆

John Boyce again showed great patience and technique and was the only other batsman to get into double figures.

Munden batting:

Ahmed – 16

Ricky – 4

Mark – 4

Dickie – 0

Dave B – 9

John Boyce – 11

Burly – 1

Phippsy – 3

Dave P – 1

Dave M – 2 N.O.

Chris – 2 N.O.

Sometimes you just have to admit it when the opposition are too good. We are only in the same division as IC II’s due to the creation of an extra division last year. I fully expect them to climb the leagues – incidentally, their first 11 are in division one and bowled out their opposition for only 24 on Saturday, so the 2nd 11 is bound to be a very good side.

Congratulations to IC II’s. There was no shame in this defeat. I’d be very surprised if any team gets the better of them this season – unless it’s us in the away leg and Dickie opens the bowling.

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Dave P
Dave M
Dave B
John Boyce

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“What a great day’s cricket!” – a quote from the Birchanger keeper as he walked from the pitch with Ahmed after the game, and a great day’s cricket it truly was.

Those who were at the game will know the story, for others, here is a brief review of the events.

Ahmed lost the toss but the result was the same since Birchanger elected bat as they were still waiting for some of their players to arrive.

Dave B and Burly opened the bowling and by the third over it was apparent that their openers were big hitters as they attacked pretty much every ball.  By the 10th over they were scoring in excess of 6 an over and accelerating.

The first breakthrough came when Dave B cleaned bowled their number 2 bat. He was duly replaced by an even bigger hitter whose style consisted of walking down the pitch and smashing everything into the air – and over the boundary on many occasions unfortunately. Fielding wasn’t easy in the swirling wind but we chased everything down in an attempt to restrict the scoring rate.

They had scored over 100 runs by the 15th over and so it was apparent that a big target would be set. The bowlers stuck to their task though and eventually Burly was rewarded when he clean bowled the No.3 but by that time the scoring rate had gone to over 7 an over.

Ahmed brought himself on for Dave B and managed to slow the run rate a bit and claimed the wicket of their captain when he was caught at point just when he was beginning to score freely. Ricky replaced Burly and bowled a tidy and economical spell that helped put the brakes on the score rate but every time we took a wicket, the next bat turned out to be as destructive as the one before.

Lattterly Dicky was introduced to the bowling and displayed his full repertoire – long hops, wides, double bounces, above hip height, full tosses … and is often the case, completely dumfounded the batsmen and took 3 wickets …. he’s not called tricky for nothing! 😛

Munden’s bowling figures:

Dave B. – 9 0vers, 2 maidens, 1 for 54

Burly – 10 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 64

Ahmed – 9 overs, 0 maidens, 2 for 44

Ricky – 9 overs, 1 maiden 0 for 40

Dickie  – 7 overs, 0 maidens, 3 for 51

Chris – 1 over, 0 maidens, 0 for 19

Congratulations to Jamie for taking his first catch for Munden – Dave B, Dickie and Dave M also held on to good catches.

Birchanger used up the 45 overs and finished on 285 for 6. Ahmed was observed gazing wistfully at one of the jets leaving Stansted dreaming perhaps that he was on board heading for some exotic location rather than on a cold windy field in Essex ……but…….

Surprisingly our mood was not too down over tea. Yes we were facing a run chase requiring 6.3 an over but somehow no-one was accepting that the game was over.

Ahmed and Ricky opened the batting and the heroics started. Ahmed began strongly as Ricky played the anchor role at the other end.

Before long, the local cats were lining the rooftops in awe of Ahmed’s 9+ lives as he consistently picked out the right fielder to offer a catch to 😆 ….. but seriously, our captain once again played a captain’s innings and the score had progressed to 80 by the time Ricky was out for 13 LBW.

Ricky was replaced by Mark who showed that not only could he play anchor, but he could also score runs when the ball was there to be hit and he supported Ahmed brilliantly in a partnership of 70 runs … we were 150 for 2 and just behind the rate at this stage …. could it be possible?

Dicky came to the wicket and looked confident but was caught when unlike Ahmed, he picked out the wrong fielder.

Cue Dave Beardsley. This was the ground where he scored his first 50 for Munden and several had reminded him of this fact, suggesting that nothing less than a repeat performance would be acceptable….. we weren’t to be disappointed.

At the other end Ahmed had battled to the top score (again) and was barely able to walk from cramp when he was finally caught on 83, but he had laid the foundations for what was to come.

Dave B, Big Dave B, played a Big and mature innings. As the opposition’s heads began to drop he gave them back some of what we’d had to endure in the field. Dave was patient when he needed to be and destructive when the opportunity presented itself and soon we looked favourites to win …. but still we didn’t dare say it.

Ahmed was replaced by Burly who replicated Mark’s innings from earlier, he supported Dave but also scored freely himself and almost got us to the finishing line when he was bowled on 34.

Dave P strode purposefully to the wicket with Munden requiring 6 runs off the last 2 overs. He scored 3 before fittingly Dave B got the winning runs to seal the victory.

Munden scorecard:

Ahmed 83

Ricky 13

Mark 34

Dickie 2

Dave B 59 N.O.

Burly 34

Dave P. 3 N.O.

Munden richly deserved their first win of the season.

It was a great team performance. The batting has let us down a couple of times this season so special mention has to go to Ahmed for his 83, Dave B for his 59 not out, Mark, Burly and Ricky for their superb supporting roles.

We’ve rightly been accused of taking games a bit too lightly on occasion, but in this game we stayed focused and stuck to the task in the face of some formidable batting from our hosts and facing a daunting total. Congratulations to all the team.

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The team for tomorrow is as below. Having not heard anything from the oppo we presume the game is going ahead. We will keep you posted if there are any changes. Let’s get  a win boys!

Dave P
John B
Dave B
Dave M

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Message from Ahmed:

I have spoken to Ardeley fixture secretary and they cant play at all during this week. So have agreed a provisional date for the Tuesday 19th June. This allows a bit of space till 21st and also John B should be available.

Let us hope the rain holds off. Please state your availability for the 19th and just to be on the safe side also for 20 and 21st. Also note it is a SHARP 6pm start and we need some folks to prepare the wicket as well.

I have promised to get back to their secretary within a day or so to confirm so please confirm your presence asap. Please dont leave it too late as it causes too many planning headaches. Once confirmed I will speak to Peter regarding a pitch for start of the week

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The team for tomorrow is:

Dave P
Dave M
Dave B


Can people please come up early to help with pitch prep

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