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The AGM was held at the Robin Hood in Tonwell on the evening of Wednesday 9th October.

In contrast to last year’s AGM, this year it was a well attended and vibrant affair.

It is not appropriate to go into detail over the proceedings so I shall just record the results of the elections of the officials and one or two salient points.

Not surprisingly, Peter, Bob and Carol were all re-elected to their respective posts as they do such a great job. Burly continues as CPO but will be joined by Dave P as it is wise to have cover.

Sadly family duties kept Ahmed away, but he conveyed some of his thoughts to Carol who reported them at the meeting.

Luckily Ahmed was prepared to remain as Captain and that was the unanimous choice of all present. An extra boost was Dave P who volunteered to be Vice Captain next season. There is no-one better for the job as Dave already has experience being the captain of his works team and played every game for Munden last season.

It was decided that we should enter the League Shield Competition to give an opportunity for the big hitters to ‘go clubbing’. The games are played during the week starting at six I believe so the only problem is in getting away from work in time to attend.

Other topics discussed were Winter nets and the possibility of some kind of money raising event during the season to swell the coffers as league fees etc have gone up and we may struggle to cover costs next season.

All in all, the evening was a great success. There will be a Spring Meeting to finalise some decisions. No doubt Carol will email everyone once the date has been confirmed and I will also post the details on here when known.


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