LMCC AGM and Awards Night

The Club’s Annual General meeting will be held on Friday 31st January 2020 at 7.30 pm, at The Boot in Dane End. The AGM will be combined with Prize Night. All are welcome to attend.

The development of the new league goes on a pace. The key developments have been:-

  1. The League will be called the Herts and Essex Local League, and contain 36 teams from 31 clubs. I would expect something like 2 divisions of 10 teams and 2 divisions of 8 teams, with teams in th smaller divisions playing some other teams three times, rathen than twice, to ensure a full season.
  2. The sponsors of HECL, Tees Law, will continue their sponsorship of the new league.
  3. The season is planned to start on 2nd May. We have pencilled in a friendly against Watton on April 12th (Easter Sunday)
  4. League Officers are required, and anyone who wants to get involved would be a welcome volunteer.

There will be a meeting at the time and place above to talk through the implications of a proposed split in the HECL League. This will be important for the future of the club and affect the range of clubs we play in coming seasons. All club members are invited, and we hope that as many as possible will attend.

Thanks to the 7 who turned up at nets, it was a more than decent work out with some quality batting and bowling on display.

The newly slimmed down Ashley and James showed how their fitness has improved after shedding a few pounds over the Winter break. Others in attendance were Boycie, Will, Dave B, Chris and Badger.

Chris is away for the next two weeks, hopefully more of you will come along next week to show your ambition to be part of LM2019!

Just a reminder that Winter nets start tomorrow … Saturday, 2nd March, at the HECC Centre.

HECCSport Cricket
Tharbies Farm
CM21 0LL

Tel: 01279 724782

From 9:30 to 11:00. New players welcome.


The Annual General Meeting of Little Munden Cricket Club will be held on Thursday 24th January at 8 pm at The Boot in Dane End. All club members are welcome to attend

The 2018 season in numbers

Over the 18 League games……

We scored 3391 runs, and took 100 wickets (including 11 run outs). We won 13 of 18 game, gaining 371 points.


Most runs: Riz (741, Average 82.56), Saif (487, Average 44.27), Jamie M (485, Average 48.5) and Dave B (421, Average 23.39). HIghest scores and centuries: Jamie M, 118: Riz 115; Saif 107.


Most wickets: Riz (30 at 14.90), Ash (23 at 23.22) and Dave B (21 at 16.57). Best Average: Chris (4.00), Darren Wheatley (9.25) and Alan (9.67).

Best Figures: Ash 8.5    0   38   6, Riz  6.2    2   9   5

Catches: Dave B and Ash (9), Martin (8), Saif and Wahab (5)

Duck Cup: Shared between Aysin and Chris (3)